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Shijian Liu

Lending Advisor

Meet Shijian, our dedicated KIN Finance Lending Advisor. Shijian plays a vital role in guiding clients through the mortgage lending process with precision and expertise. His keen eye for detail, passion for accounting, and commitment to ensuring a seamless loan processing experience make him an invaluable asset to our team.

A recent graduate from the University of Melbourne with a major in Finance, Shijian’s academic prowess is matched by his real-world achievements. He is the recipient of the Eric J. Ingram Prize in Investment Management, underscoring his ability to assist clients in realizing their short-term and long-term investment goals.

Shijian’s work approach is rooted in honesty, kindness, and integrity, traits that form the foundation of his interactions with clients and colleagues alike. By prioritising transparency, he cultivates trust and fosters positive relationships, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and service excellence.

Outside of work, Shijian enjoys watching movies and participating in sports, with soccer being his favourite. Whether watching games, playing with friends, or engaging in virtual matches through FIFA, he finds joy and fulfillment in the camaraderie and physical activity soccer provides.


The KIN family has expanded over the years as a result of Kerren’s passion of working with like-hearted people and the vision of encouraging and allowing people to be their authentic self and to express their truth.


When Kerren is not in the office or being mum to two teenagers, you will find her immersed in her garden, enjoying the delight of being in nature, hiking, skiing, or planning her next exciting adventure.


Working with a group of amazing people is what inspires Kerren on a daily basis which has extended to other business area including KIN Property and KIN Real Estate. Doing business differently, providing service in a kind and honest way that promotes connection, growth and understanding is at the foundation of all of Kerren’s companies.
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